Monday, November 17, 2008

I am a year older

It will be over in less than 2hours time.
The word "Touched" is definitely an understatement.

Celebration No.1
The girls got me dresses, a pair of ultra high heels and a pair of sterling silver studs & forced me to change into them. Love the dresses and the heels. Ommmgggggg. Then, they came into the room with a slice of chocolate mint cake and a candle. (Because I told them to save the money if they are going to buy me cake, we won't be able to finish it) The thoughts behind their gifts is heartwarming, like totally. :))

Celebration No.2
Usual Sec Sch clicks & Das. 9people. WTFFFF. Ages since I last saw Das that Bamboo. Met up for dindin n chitchat at Suki Sushi @ Cine. Das left with JJ as they had another birthday session elsewhere. Then we went for dessert next! Somewhere near doby ghaut, Albert court for some beancurd, soyabean milk & dough sticks. It was already nearly 12 and the guys wanted to go for some billard session so Derek sent Felica home while YQ sent me, HY and YikQi home. They gave me something practical - Red packet as they felt that I already have everything I need. Thank you, for everything.

Celebration No.3
I didn't want to dine out but YQ insisted so I picked a simple meal at Aijisen as I was craving for their ramen. He wanted to order a bouquet of white roses for me but in the end, I decided that I don't need flowers this year. As for the rest, I had already updated it at 0100hr :))

Celebration No.4
The first thing I reached class was to put down my bag and visit the toilet. When I step out of class, I saw Marc and WS trying to smuggle my cake n present in. LOL. What a bad timing!! They tried to trick me with a small piglet. But actually, they got a BIGGER piglet wrapped up for me. The size of its head is twice of mine! Biggest thanks to L,WS and Marc. They purposely bought "IceQueen" for my cake. Am reallllllly sorry that I couldn't turn up for the surprise yesterday, otherwise I would miss out my boyfriend's surprise. LOL. I will hug tt big piglet to bed everydayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Celebration No.5
I thought that there won't be any celebration after that as I told my old class that I don't need anymore cake. & Noor blamed me for that. Babylove, Your acting skills is really convincing! LOL.

I was kept in the dark. 1 lie after another. All for my surprise. Nothing in the morning, Nothing during breakout, Nothing right after school. 1 Hour later, I was told that Janice had to rush home. & Zad went home during lunch break. Was kinda disappointed at first but oh wells, I remained cool & expressionless.

I was asked to accompany WeiMing to Eric's class to pass him something but I was led to another class. Of cause I started to suspect something, but when I enter the class, confetti were shot at me and Meryl put a tiara on my head. *So dramatic I know but it's real. You need to be there to witness it* I saw Janice with the rest of them there but Zad really went home. :( The room was decorated with silver and pink balloons + HAPPY BDAE banner and the carpet was filled with confetti. Minutes later, the screen started to play a very long video. All the birthday greetings/songs from each and every of them. Omg, so bloody touched till I shed ABIIIIT of tears. I had to hold back my tears. Don't wanna cry infront of so many people. LOL. & Inside, Richie said this "Your birthday will never start with a 1 again, its a 2!!" After the video, they helped themselves to the food from Pizza Hut & Cam-whoring session after that. Janice baked me chocolate chips muffin & I have a new necklace!! & We went for Botak Jones for dinner.

You will never know how blissful you are till you see your friends/love ones doing so much things for you.

This year's birthday is the most touching one ever.
It was like I am the most fortunate girl on earth.