Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet the new eye candy

Wooohooo. I am done with the book I borrowed from the library some time ago. :))
I have yet to update my birthday pictures part 2 so stay tuned! Haha.
Bf cabbed back to his camp in the morning as there were things to do.
So I was left at home for the whole day :(
Supposed to go out but felt really lazy to go anywhere.

I want my flats, and bag :(
The only thing to look forward to is holidays!! In another 2-3weeks time!

Side Note; I still think I look damn weird with black hair and I am dying them brown again in a few months time!!

Meanwhile, Take a look at my new love. WAHAHAHAHA.

So handsome right?! I know I know!
Okay, that's childish I know. HOHOHO.