Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peektures Part 1

The lovely surprise

I wanted a shot with Das, And my boyfriend shot this. LOL.

We wanted to go to the stall next to this but it was damn packed :(

I wanted to take a picture with this but sadly, no one got stable hands.

ZZZ. :(:(:(:(:(

Look at the blur shot they took for me and YQ.

Look at the shot I took for Felicia and Derek, my hands are stable!

I only want a simple dinner so ... hehehe. Lazy to dress up.

So we dress down instead.

Obviously, no make up was put on and messy messy hair.

& Thank you Coffee, for this :)

Mummy got me Golden Cheese Cake and Dad gave me Red Packet.

Thank you Mr Boyfriend for the lovely gadget :D