Friday, November 07, 2008


Super bad skin lately!!!! To the extent I feel that I have to go and get new facial masks, foundation, facial foam. I hope all these will help :( Worst than pimple outbreaks! Omgggggzxzxzxzxz! I don't want!!! ZZZZZZ. So I met Hunny after his book and to get my stuffs.

Days have been exceptionally good so far. We went pestering Richie for rides because he just passed his TP and got his licence. Meryl has been hanging with us lately, for dinner, or to Suntec. I feel the old atmosphere in the air :) & We are going to skip school next Monday for some Sakae session! All the 8 of us. Surprisingly, Hunny agreed to let me skip as usually, he wouldn't want me to skip school just to go out and have some fun.

I managed to surprise some people with my new hair colour! Because I told no one about me dying my hair black yesterday and no one expected it. So when they saw me, they would give you the "HUHHH?" look on your face. Frankly speaking, I am so not use to having black hair. Omg. I got the urge to dye it brown again but before I dyed it black, Hunny told me this "Don't tell me you want to dye it brown again after you dyed it black, at least not so fast". See how much this guy here understands me.

L introduced me to a website that sells clothes and I started to click away happily. But I only got 3 for myself cause Hunny is bringing me out to shop this Sunday to make up for last week :)))

ByeByez! Off for some beauty sleep otherwises the condition of my face would get worst!