Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We went to the zoo!

Today is Jeff's 20th!
& We just had a small celebration for him with our old class mentor.

The day would be better if I didn't lose my newly bought cap.
I haven't even wear it for once!!

Even though a number of people backed out at the last minute but it was still a very fun day.

Anyway, I am lazy to do the talking so just let the pictures do the talking for me :))

Peektures not in order~

My super BIG shoes!
Expressionless WB

Family photo with the fake grandma :)
Janice's favourite pet!!
That kid down there is fake! But omg, it look so freaking real!!
Baby chicks in fridge.
I went AAAWWWW~ at this cute little bunny.

I am so happy with the old teapot!
Stupid guy messing around with my geeky specs.

I guess...... this bat is a male?
They nearly freaked me out! Omg. There were too many of time. *gross*

Sexy red butts.
Cute little otter. He was the first animal we visited on that day.
Another family photo before we leave the place.