Friday, November 14, 2008

What a week!

This whole week literally flew passed like a lightning bolt without me noticing.
I woke up thinking that is only Thursday but god knows! It's Friday already :D

I laughed @ L's blog. She was telling us what she wants for her birthday.
Her entry was specially for us! Hahahaha.
*AHEM* This Missy's birthday has yet to pass so yours is still far away!! :x
Same for Marc & WK!!

Omg, there's like almost 10birthdays coming up?

Today's lesson was fun?
With all the craps from the usual people. L.WS.M.WK
Online dresses are here already. *beams*

I am halfway through the thick book I borrowed from the library already :)
& I just borrowed another 1 today.

Maybeline the Queen says:
I am engrossed in that book!!
Maybeline the Queen says:
MARVIN WONG Yu Qiang ~ says:
MARVIN WONG Yu Qiang ~ says:
I also!
Maybeline the Queen says:
MARVIN WONG Yu Qiang ~ says:
my favourite past time is reading
Maybeline the Queen says:
Maybeline the Queen says:

Silly silly boy, who made the effort to fetch me.
Even though it was only a 10minues journey(he sent me home) and nothing else more.