Thursday, December 25, 2008

Awesome Christmas


I made some chocolates for Christmas this year but only 3 lucky people got to taste and enjoy it :)))
Don't judge the taste by it looks cause I know it is not as nice as those bought outside.

3 days of Christmas celebration for me.
First celebration was to Sentosa on Tuesday.
The gift exchange, burying and everything was great.
But due to the very-very bad hair,
I should avoid uploading my pictures to ensure the safety of your eyes :)

The humble and easy food prepared by them :)
We had more food like crab claws, curry puffs and kuey kueys.
Stupid Eric and his 50sticks of hotdogs for the 9 of us.
In the end we had to throw away the remaining ones which is about 20sticks.
You know what? Noor and WeiMing actually bought the same thing.
Such coincidence. They do share some telepathy among them. LOL.

All of them did this to him. EXCEPT ME!!
I thought it was funny.
But this is funnier. HAHAHA.
Look at his face!! Oh noor~
Look at where the water is coming out from -.-

The gay boy and me!

Everything was perfect. Including the weather.
It wasn't as sunny as I had predicted so I guess none of us got burnt by the sun.
And these are on Wednesday.
The spotlight wasn't on the presents but on Money!

Nope, not $$ but this puppy here.
Omg, she is less than a year old but she is about the same size as Raven.
Though younger, but she is very obedient as compared to R.
Rushed to meet Bf as he will drive me and HY to JJ's house for steamboat.
The steamboat was fab.
Cheese toufu, cheese cocktails, bacons, peper chicken(the guys loved it).
& JJ's Dad introduced us to Raspberry and Apple Vodka.

The best prezzie within the 3days is in this paper bag.

A Fred Perry Jacket!

Nope, Not because it cost more as compared to some others.
But because I have been verbally saying that I want to get a new jacket for school.
& This one here, is warm :)