Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cough bugs

Not sick anymore.
But cough virus struck me.
Coughing badly since Noon.
Hell to you cough, When I cough, it can takes up to 2months to recover.
Dang. Screw it.

I just can't wear that kind of shirt.
I look like a kid. EWW.

Oh ya, this cheapo lousy few months old phone is going off next Sunday.
I wouldn't even have bought it in the first place if it wasn't white and gold.
Time for my E71 :)
Wanted to get it today but was lazy to go out.
Next Sunday, Baby wait for me~~

Btw, I am contemplating whether to get rid of the mole on my face!!
Because of that mole, I can't have my clear clear face.
Because of that mole, I look so kiddy.
But most of my friends said that the mole represents me!

Johnboy : Your mole makes you just like my hair makes me!

We had 7 course meal for just 4 people yesterday as it was Mel's birthday :)
Shark Fin Soup, Steam Seabass, Scallops......................
(I can't remember what other dishes we had)
Omg, I love Shark Fin Soup~~
I am a white meat lover!
Fish, Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, bla bla bla.
I don't eat red meat like, Pork, Beef, Mutton, Duck or even chicken.
(oh, friends should already know this by now. lol)
That is why most of them finds it is a hassle to dine with me :(

Today was great :)
Basically it was TV, NAP and Snacks only.
Bf and me went out for lunch and bumped into MingYu and Peh so we had lunch tgt.
Guys with their NS stuffs while me and MingYu talked about other stuffs. lol
BYE-ed after lunch, went to buy snacks and stoned infront of the laptop watching shows.
Usual DinDin with his family and they sent me home after that.

Yay yayz! I am hitting town tomorrow.
I told Bf that I want to get my shoes and he replied okay~
Cause he said that he is tired of reminding me how many pairs I own.

As a matter of fact, I have been shopping online only.
Which means not spending as much as the amount I would spend when I am out at the malls.
So a few pairs of shoe wouldn't hurts :)