Sunday, December 14, 2008

It wouldn't go away

UPDATES :::: The cleaner of the canteen found my wallet and kept it for me!!!

wooohooo~~ Happy like a mouse :D:D
Imagine, If my wallet was picked up by a student, I will never get it back.
Losing something in school = Gone forever
The day which I lost my wallet, was also the day Jacob[Eric's classmate] lost his phone.
Think that day was cursed.

I am still coughing and it is no where near the recovering stage.
Today is the 5rd day without voice. :(
& So many times, I vomitted. :((
Went to meet up with Bf after his bookout, bought dinner and went home.
He threatened to bring me to the doctor if I don't recover by next Thurs.
Holiday is here. I don't want to spend my holidays with medicines.
Even though coughing non-stop is horrible, but medicines are like vegetables to me.
Vegetables = Disgusting.

BigM passed the coughing virus to me.
I saw him yesterday and he is still coughing :(

Anyway, Bf's mum was sweet enough to make me the old remedy (which I nvr heard of).
Boil 2 eggs, dig out the yolk, then wrap the egg white with a face towel,
and lastly stroke it at your neck.
I guess, it didn't work? Cause I am still coughing badly :(
She put a bottle of herbalmint cough syrup in my bag too.
Omg, so good to be cared. LOL.

Fell asleep after dinner and I started to cough badly.
To the extent that Bf had to stop his show and prepare a bin for me in case I vomit any time.
I felt sick. Really sick.

2 bottles of cough syrup didn't help.

Despite being sick, I still went for some shopping with HY.
4 shopping bags, and oh, I got Bf a Tee from GAP :)
HY gave me my first X'mas present this year.
Thanks girlfriend.
Next meet up would be X'mas! :D