Saturday, December 06, 2008

Late Thursday

I felt so CHEAPO.
Because we went to this!!

(Before that, We left our laptops, adapters and the guy's bags at Richie's Car so we were actually quite empty handed)
Nono, Not just starbucks.
But this

When we reach the place, Eric was like, "Come on lah Let's Queue"
We wanted to turn away and proceed to Marina Square after looking at the queue
But the person shouted over "It's very fast! We serve 5 people at a time!"
Anyway, we had afew hours of free time before our movie starts. (at marina)

Look at the queue!!
Actually, It wasn't that long for us because we happened to be there early.
To be exact, we only waited for 10-15mins? :D

While waitingggg.... Luckily I brought my DigiBaby out :D

Sighhhhh. My very big and visible eyebags. :(

We made a small donation for our coffees.
The happy Eric with our receipt. Lol.

Yayz! After 15minutes of queueing.

Omgz. So paiseh to be queueing for that. LOL.
We were almost late for our movie because Eric had to go somewhere before that.

Rushed like hell and finally settled down comfortably for 4 Christmases.

Went over to Singapore Flyer for Popeyes!~
My second time over there. (For popeyes)
Ewww. I would say that the standard there is alot lower than the Airport.
I won't visit there again.
Waited for Richie to come and pick us.
He was late so all of us reached home really late :(
But none of us skipped school the next day. lol.

Thank you Mr Richie Rich,
for keeping our laptops,
for making a trip down to specially fetch us,
for sending most of them to their stations even though u had to travel,
Luckily no one stayed SOUTH :))

Side Note; My online bags arrived! 17bags but only 4 are mine :))))