Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lina's Big Day

Like I had said, we went out to "celebrate" Lina's birthday.
9 people in all. Including her Bf who joined us for the movie :)
I bumped into Eric at Wisma and we chatted for quite a while.
He was out with his class while I was out with mine! :D
After his dindin & before my movie, we met at Cineleisure for awhile again :D

Too many soft toys make the place really messy.

Finally, I am out.

I hate people who are late, but I was late for 30mins. SORRRY~

After afew hours of shopping, the guys needed some rest so we went to chill at Starbucks.

Lina, the birthday girl is afraid of camera.

But we still managed to "force" her to take a picture with us :D

The best team ;)

Even though I am out enjoying, boy it doesn't mean that you are forgotten.

I went into NUM, saw your size and bought it immediately :D

And you owe me a kiss for that!

Anyway, We watched Wild Child and Emma Roberts is so prettayeee!

Theres this movie coming up in Jan " Hotel for Dogs " and

Emma Roberts is also in that movie.
I wanna watch that movie too!

Either colour, it suits her so perfectly well!!

& omg, I love her eyeeees~

Hope that Lina Lim enjoyed her big day! :D