Monday, December 08, 2008

Long tiring day

Dad drove me over to Bf's place.
Bf picked me up from there and we went off for breakfast with his family.
SmallM looked damn cute in his baby PJs Jumper!
He went home after his breakfast.

Went back to Bf's place and off~ Drove to Bukit Panjang to meet Eric for awhile,
then to town to get my stuffs :)
Got more than expected.
Time was a little tight as we had to go back home within 2hours.
Went back home, M&M arrived and headed to VIVO, carpark was full, so we went to Yishun.
OMG. We stayed at North for like 4hours?
Yishun, Admiralty, Woodlands, Sembawang.
I was so tired, to the extent that I would drop dead anytime.
But BigM wouldn't let me sleep.

The worst thing was, I was freezing like mad.
Before leaving the house, I wanted to bring along Bf's jacket.
TO MY HORROR(because I was freaking cold, hell cold), it was gone.
And Bf only realised that it was gone yesterday.
ZZZZZZZ. Sometimes, a little permission wouldn't kill.
It got alot alot colder at night.
Thank god I didn't freeze to death for the whole noon/evening.


We were out, all the way till 8pm+
1030am to 8pm
Long, tiring, cold day.

I got this white chocolate snowman bread at bread talk!
It was nice [excluding the raisins in the bun; not a fan of raisins].