Monday, December 01, 2008

Random Overdues


Zadyn, Me and Janice
Credits to WM for the mask.
The paper bag mask is still with me!
HAHAHA. Too cute to throw it away so I stole it from him.

Presenting my new Hello Kitty Mouse!!
I got it from school.
On top of that, I got an uber cool transparent white cooling pad with blue light for the laptop.
The Very Very Very nice chocolates.
Too much of it makes me sick though.
I went to Raffles City to get this Crumpler for Marc's birthday.
Okay, so you gotta treat me 100x better! Don't leave me alone on Wed!

All the above pictures are super super overdues :]

Note; After SO FREAKING long, My laptop issue is finally solved! With credits to Jon.L. He helped me get in contact with courts and requested another company(who is also courts' third party) to redo my laptop. Regretfully, they didn't manage to install my Alt F10 (format)function back. But whatever it is, My laptop is as good as new now. New 120GB Harddisk, and 2 new RAM. Yay!! Say goodbye to the stupid school laptop(I don't have to use it unless I am in sch :D).

Movie with the clique this Thursday. :))))