Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unselfish act of love

2 friends whom I adores shares the same birthday. :):)
16th dec.
2 more days!

Only Eyeliner.

Sometimes, I feel that Bf treats me like a baby. Just like M&M.


Just so you know, this is the standard type of language we(his family & me) would use when we talk to M&M.

Bf somehow, uses it on me too.
If you think that it is too mushy or if it gives you goosebumps, then I'm sorry.
Cause I call this, the language of love :)

I did a silly thing today. I was supposed to sell away the dumb white phone.
So I packed the box into a nice paper bag.
Upon reaching the place, I realised, I forgot to bring the phone out!!
So we had to bring the box home again.
Whatever~ At least I got my new baby.
*Throws the dumb 5months old phone aside*

We bought a bluetooth earpiece too.
Wanted to buy 2 sets. 1 each but Bf says 1 set is enough.

My second X'mas prezzie of the year - E71. Thanks Baby!!

& Even though he was very tired, he still gave up his bed for me to take my nap :))

Bank balance is running low.
Below the boundary line.
I don't want it to drop anymore further but some kiddo stills owes me money and is slowly taking her time to return me.
200$ 's not back yet. Damn.
Why do people love to take advantages of others, even when they are friends?
My patience is already at its limit.