Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1 more day!!!

I have a new name!
And my new name is "veryverybroke" :)
I went for my appointment yesterday night.
The xray yesterday cost me $XXX.
And the total cost would be $4XXX.
Not taking a single cent from my parents for this as I feel that since I am the one who wants to do it,
I shall bear the total cost myself.
But Bf will somehow support me a little. :P:P:P:PPPPP
Nah, Don't be stupid. Not plastic surgery.
The next appointment is on the 30th of Jan :)

Before my appointment, after school, We went to Queensway for WM's shoe hunting.
I saw a pair of pretty VANS but sadly, they didn't have my size :(
Went to IKEA for their superb hotdog and curry puff, fooled around and went to their Cafe for dindin.

I was the only girl in the group yesterday because Lina overslept!!

All the peektures taken in class yesterday~
IKEA pictures later!
School ends this Thursday for me.
which means tomorrow will be my last day :)

This picture lies! Because he is much much much fairer than me.
And I am much much darker than I look in the picture!

Ending this post with Kino, the boy the class next door :)