Thursday, January 22, 2009


It is the last day of school for me.
At the begining of Sept, I can't wait for it to end,
and kept praying for January to come.
However, the January me(Current me) is sad to realise that everything just ended few hours ago.


I'll miss Lina, WeiSong, Marc, Johnboy, QueQue, Murphy and so many others.

I'll miss my D class clique too :(

Please miss me too yea?

Since it is my last day of school, the more I wouldn't allow it to go to waste.
Hence, I bought a packet of Itchy Powder yesterday and used it on WeeKiat.
HAHAHA. & He itched like hell when the powder touches the water. :):):):):)
SATISFIED!! (Kinda sadist yea? :X)

Lunch with D class.
Short yet heart warming.
They had plans for chalet.
Went off to slack with the usual people outside my class.
Can we have more of this during the next sem? :3:3:3

&&, I happened to found my VANS~
Didn't search for it intentionally but chanced upon it :)
Anyway, It was a gift because I didn't had to pay for it. lol.

OH btw, this sweet here is really really nice.
Erm, I am only refering to the milk flavoured one.
Ignore the strawberry one. It is too sour for me to bear.
So is the lemon flavoured packet which I didn't bought.

CNY in 3days time.
Busy week.