Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dedicate me your favourite song

Its Agnes's birthday today.
But we celebrated it for her on the 29th, together with Jan's.
So many good friend's birthday coming up respectively on Jan, Feb, March and April :)
Janice, WeiMing, Zadyn and Eric.
1 month each.

Despite being the last day of holiday before school starts tomorrow,
I didn't manage to sleep in late because I had to wake up at 0815 :(
From tomorrow onwards, it will be 0715. :(:(
But I am quite looking forward to school tomorrow as it beats
staying at home or going out by a thousand times!

Luckily, Bf had "holidays" for my 3weeks of holidays too.
My family is currently preparing for CNY.

Dad got this Television for the living room which cost rougly about SGD10,000.

He got someone to come over and install all the necessary wires,
changed away the lightings for the rooms,
and tidy up some unwanted wires/etcetc.
Another sum of money just for CNY?

Our current television was BIGBIGBIG too and less than 1 or 2years old (I can't rem)?
What a waste of money.

Anyway, I don't have any resolutions this year because I have come to realise that,
resolutions are just empty talks.
How many people in this world have actually manage to achieve all of their resolutions last year?
Well, the truth is...... not much :)

School is starting tomorrow and ending in 3weeks time.
Kinda sad even though I don't really love this class much.
Still, there are some people worth missing :(
Felt worst because I am not going to attend school on the last day due to work.
Another seperation.
Another heartbreak session?

Cause when a heart breaks,
No, it don't break even.