Monday, January 05, 2009

The differences

The first day of school wasn't as fun as I had expected.
It was a total disappointment.
Thanks to the not-so-cooperative people and heavy workload.
& I gotta "skip" school tomorrow due to some reason.
But, tomorrow, I should be working with my usual clicks I like :(:(

ANYWAY, I just changed my contact lenses to brown.
And it is so freaking pain which I don't know why!
I guess I need to give my eyes some time to get use to the new lenses.

BY THE WAY, I got this super nice song to share!
It is SINGLE by NE YO.
Can't stop listening to it since, urm, not sure how long ago.
Go listen to it~ You will get hooked too :}

Shall end my post with 1 of my old school picture :P
(Not really that old though. Taken last year. Or is it at the end of 2007?)

omgomgomg. Swear it was pure nerdy + chubby.
Only 1 year, but so many things have changed.
Not in terms of looks, but at the way I look at things and the way I think.
Many said it was a huge sudden change.
Some like it, Some don't.
Well, The most important is that as long as I am happy :)

May you be as happy as me!