Thursday, January 01, 2009

Last few days of 2008

On the 29th, we visited Science Centre and Snow City :)
Before that, I went to get Janice's birthday present.
Knowing that after getting the prezzie, we would be staying at west side all the way,
I went in Jeans and Tee.

If you ask me, I would say that Science Centre was a total bore.
I always see people blogging about turning into a kid when they visit there,
But my experience here, beg to differ.
Hence, not much picture was taken.
One of the reason is also, I brought my digicam out without it's memory card so I kept the camera inside my bag during the outing.
Credits to Meryl for the pictures.

Snow City, At least a little more joy than Science Centre.
It was my first time there.
A little disappointing to realise that you can only climb up to the top and slide down.
No more than that.
Luckily, the right people made it more enjoyable by throwing the "very-very-dirty-snow" around.
The 2 birthday girls got really wet.

For me, the simple dinner at Extended Jurong Point is the best thing that happened the whole day.
Sitting down, crapping and joking around.
We laughed at Eric's jokes.
Installing Vibrators in Agnes's chest to increase pleasures. LOL.

At some angles, It shows my very-weird-shape-jaws.

On the 30th, I met someone great. Someone by the name of Peter. :)

As for the last day of 2008,
I spent the whole day at Bf's place.
It was kinda boring as we had nothing to do so we went out.
And went home for dinner.
He sent me home aftermath.
And I did some spring cleaning in my room.
Threw away loads of rubbish.
Saw people's online clothes sitting in my shelves made me red because it made my rm look messy.
We countdown-ed in MSN together and jumped straight into bed after that as we had to wake up at 0615hr today.

He woke up at 0615 specially to drive me to the place where I needed to go,
and waited 1hour for me without any complains.
Went for Mac's breakfast and then I jumped into his bed for my 2hour nap.
The poor boy gave up his bed for me again. :))

Since 1st Jan is not over yet,
I hereby, wishes anyone who is reading this,
"To have a good year ahead!" :)
Yes, I mean anyone :}