Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No luck this year!

MY CNY DAY 1 :):):):)

I thought that I won't be wearing new clothes this year but I was wrong.
Shopped like crazy 2days before CNY.
Managed to get 1 bag, 2 new pair of shoe, 1 dress, 1 skirt & 1 more bottom for CNY.
No tops, not alot but well, better than nothing!
Woohooo. Everything, at the very last minute :D

No luck for cards or tiles!
Lost $50 in a very short while.
I have no talent nor luck in gambling. Boohoo.
Should have sticked to my own rule, NO GAMBLING! EVEN FOR LEISURE!!

My parental grandmum was admitted in hospital few weeks ago and has yet to be discharge so the SIMS had to visit the hospital.
Lucky we went in groups.
If we were to go altogether, the ward would be filled with 40-50 of our family members.

Boyfriend's bro-in-law drove him over to look for me.
Yayz! Double share of red packets for me. LOL.
The 3rd CNY together :)

We stayed there till 3am and Dad drove us all home.

As for CNY Day 2,
Boyfriend and me went to do some visitings.
We did not follow my parents this time round.
First to Coffee's house with HuiYan,
Then to HuiYan's house with Coffee.
9th year of friendship.
& I love their mum :D
We had a great laughing session.

Again, Bf and me lost about $20++.
Lucky it was just a small sum of money.
hahaha. No more gambling for me next year!!!
Went back to Bf's house for sushi~
(his sister bought that for us for dinner)
Waited till Fereen&bf, CG&Hong to come over for mahjong(with Derek) before I left.

I'll give you Day 2 peektures later.
Lesson at 0830hr tmr.
Time for bed!