Friday, January 09, 2009

So much for nothing


It has been a very tiring week for me.
Early mornings till late nights.
I didn't even get to sleep in last weekend.
And the great thing about this week is,
I will not be able to sleep in this weekend again!!

Constant worries even though I had very bad cramp myself.
Brain not functioning well.

All for nothing.
Totally nothing.

Such treatment that I deserve.

I want to spend, to pamper myself.
Cause in this world, no one loves you more than yourself.

I am pissed with 2 person right now.
Like seriously, you are not exactly someone very significant within us.
Honestly, No probing needed. At least not EVERYTIME.
Substitute? Nope, We're not your substitute. Everyone says so.

& I love Janice. Zadyn. WeiMing. Eric. Meryl.
&& I love Huiyan. Lina. Marc. WeiSong.
&&& I love all my friends! [even if you are not mentioned here]
I shall enjoy myself today :):)