Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too busy with life

Tiring. Waking up at 7 everday, and only sleeping after midnight.
I wasn't out playing or chilling but everything came at the same time.
Lessons, D-Lessons and work.
Made a new appointment today and I need to replan my schedule.

I am looking forward to the appointment next Tuesday even though it might hurts.
Since the appointment had been made, the question is, "to do or not to do?" now.
The answer will only reveal itself after the consultation :)
Nope, Not doctor's consultation :)

Not even a single day to rest from the start of this week.
& No time for Hunny on Sat and Sun.

I had only one day to shop for my CNY clothes which was last Sunday.
Afterwich, I will be extremely busy but I didn't manage to buy anything.
Guess I will just do without new clothes this year since I had been buying and throwing/giving them away. (sometimes not even wearing it for once!)

Boyfriend managed to get his footwear from Left Foot.
We went to Cine's outlet, and this colour was out of size so we went to FEP's.
Upon signing for the shoe,
1 couple picked the same design and asked for the same size that Bf bought but there was none left.
Silly Hunny, Lucky Baby!

No make up on. Errr. Maybe abit of eyebrowpencil. lol.
My eye bags tells you how deprived of sleep I am!

Natural Brown Contacts. Not much difference from those I used to wear yea?

Ate this box of little ice creams at Hunny's house some time ago.

Don't you find the box attractive?

Inside is even nicer! Oh, I meant the taste! :D

Crush is Love without Pain.
Love is Nothing without You.
~ Maybeline.