Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a week!

The shopping session yesterday was pretty enjoyable.
I love asking Meryl out as she will either give you a Yes or a No straight away.
No further questions from her. Not even asking for the venue, people, activity or WHY.
So, Janice, Meryl and me met up after school :)

On top of that, the 5 of us and Meryl have been making an effort to meet up for lunch everyday without fail :)

On my way home, I met Bf on the bus! :D
Although it was only a 5mins journey but well, BETTER THAN NOTHING!

Today is like any other usual school day.
Because I bumped into Zadyn, and saw WeiMing.

Another thing which pissed me off this week is Bf's field camp.
Cause they practiced I/V drip on him again which is like WHAT THE FUCK?
I don't get it. How come Singapore Army actually allow this?
What if they accidentally poke wrongly and then all the blood come gushing out?!
So what if they know how to handle the situation or not life threatening?!?!
Why not practice it on themselves, their friends, girlfriends, siblings or parents?!

WHY ON NS MEN? Even if they are serving NS but it doesn't mean that they are slaves of the country and that the medics are free to poke them anywhere they want.

It pains the NS MEN's love ones to see them coming back with a wound on their hand.

So what if they need to practice? Like I had already said, they are free to poke their relatives.
Or has the law imposed that they can only poke and train on NS MEN?

What I am trying to say is that life as a NS men is not easy already,
they need to live in the wild during field camp,
they don't get to eat "normal" food (camp's food is not nice at all),
they can't contact their love ones as much as when they are outside,
they can only see them once or twice a week,


Spare them. Please?