Friday, February 27, 2009

Cloudy Sentosa

Hey Si Lian Bang girl. You better keep your bloody comments to yourself before I start to bitch about you again. You should know how good I am at bitching. Sorry, I refused to grow up (especially when its facing people like you, (just look at the way you type)).

Humid Weather + Lousy people = SUPER Bad tempered + Attitude.
Memorise this equation of me and pick the right time if you want to provoke me.

Amir's Belated and WeiMing's advance birthday.
(Only 1day in advance though)

But since its 12mn already,
(I typed this at 12mn!!)

(Click to enlarge)
Oh, + Richie. He is not in the peekture.
Nono, I am not shorter than Jan!!! I bent down~

Had a good talk with Noor :)
I'll give you the rest of the pictures tomorrow.