Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drafted post

Vomited 2 times but still went to work today.

I am going to bitch about someone in my next entry.
The tale of Lim And the Ungrateful M.

M?? Wait and see.

I woke up veryveryvery early today.
Went over to Bf's place to rot before going out for lunch with his mum.
Each of us ate a bowl of main course and we went for desserts.
I couldn't finish any of them so I made Bf finish my share.
He left for camp after that, so Auntie and me roamed around the mall as it is still early for her to set off for work.

I hate how pushy some promoters can get.
& Auntie and I met one irritating one today.
After 1 hour of roaming, she went to work while I went home for my afternoon nap.

I literally forgot that the school is releasing our results today!
My GPA dropped a little as compared to the first semester.
The reason why it dropped is because I loathed my class to the max at the begining of the sem which somehow affected my grades.

On a happier note, Next Thursday is the day where I will carry out my 'plan' :D

&& I'll be paying Sentosa a visit again this Thurs! :/
(For 2 person's birthday)
Sunblock Sunblock!
With more than half of D class I guess!
Happy happy!

Drafted on 23rd Feb at 1pm