Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy ending

Reporting at 1050pm to blog the remaining pictures.

The pictures are not in sequence.

They are not fighting. They love each other.
FYI, they kissed during the first BBQ!
Mouth to mouth!

I don't know which idiot took this shot.

Unglam :/

How can I not take a peekture with the birthday boy? :)
But I hate that unwilling look on his face. TSK!

All smiley :)
The short moments :):):):):)

The boyfriend was dear enough to come and specially pick me up at Marina Square and send me home at night even though it was not convenient as he had to rush to another place to meet up with his friends.

But hunny, can you sing me to bed tonight?

Damn Coffe, Damn WeiSong.
I think the both of you are such great people!