Friday, February 13, 2009

I know you love Me

My boy refused to go to sleep even though he had to wake up at 0500hr for his training all because he wants to make sure that I am home safe and sound.

How sweet. Teehee.

Like finalllllyyyy. I met up with Janice after 3 long weeks! :D
& Today is my only free day since 2 weeks ago. (excluding Sundays. Reserved for Bf)
Few hours meet up is always great.
Shopped for WM's Prezzie, gossiped about whats happening around us, eat like mad.
Present, to be revealed at a later date. Hohoho.
Bought a pair of flipflop again. *roll eyes*

Met up with Coffee after bidding bye to Janice.
Went for dinner cum Mocha session.
Talked about everything under the sun. (Mostly about you-know-what)

No 1 : I am happy with my life.
No 2 : I miss school.
No 3 : I am wondering how Bf will surprise me for Valentines this year like he always did.
(or maybe not)
No 4 : I am counting down to April.

Bless you with all my luck, Baby~