Saturday, February 21, 2009

Impress me

Update No.2

Boyfriend finally gave in and allowed me to bring forward my "plan" for May to March!!
(Only my good friends would know what I am up to! If you don't know, too bad for you)
The big boy is booking out tomorrow but I'll be working :/
Baby baby clear my grievance!!!!!

A friend drove me home today and the first thing I did when open my door was to run to the toilet to puke.
He drove at a super fast speed (>140) & my head and stomach couldn't take the perfume of his refresher.
The good thing was that I reached home within 15mins!

1 of my naughty friend sent me this sms :

Kiss/Nipple : Peck of love
Boobs : Shape of love
Penis : Shape of love
Pussy : Depth of love
Ass : Base of love
Testicles : Weight of love
Fuck : Experience of love.
Suck : Taste if love
Masturbation : Substitute of love
Condom : Care of love
Sperm : Cream of love
Marriage : MISTAKE OF LOVE!!

Anyway, I was damn shocked when I heard the news from Coffee.
A Dad at the age of 13years old and the wife, at the age of 15.
Coffee told me this,
A reporter asked the Dad how is he going to financially support his child?
And the father of the child asked "What is financial support?

What on earth is wrong with the people/society?

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Side Note; I am not using Friendster anymore :)

For a friend,
对不起,我变了 :)
I no longer see the ones who used to be important, that significant anymore.
I've seen too much things during this holiday and know who&why.
& Those who used to be insignificant, appears to be more important now.