Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Updates

Valentines' Day.

What does your reaction tells me about you?

"Who cares about Valentines' Day",
Either you are SO-alone(lonely) or you are attached for a long period of time.

Oh, I am actually very looking forward to it *giggles*
I supposed this is your first Valentine with your boyfriend.

What a coincidence.

I met 5teachers from the same school.
After 30minutes, they asked me which school am I in.
Then, they told me they have alot of pupils in the same school as me.
I was curious so I asked one of them by the name of Kelly, "which sch are you guys teaching at?"
She told me, "Northbrooks Sec"
I know I have one friend from that school.
She continued asking, "Do you happened to know WeiMing?"
HAHAHA. So coincidence! We were thinking of the same person.
And I am talking to someone who taught him for 4years.
She insisted me to ring him up as she wanna talk to him. lol.
I was gaven me alot of names (I-know-who-they-are-but-I-don't-know-them), So I said I only know WM.
They went comparing which one(the names they gave) is more good looking. lol.

It was never mine.

Some time ago, I gave Boyfriend 4 digits.
We joked about buying it but after finishing our meal, we forgot about it.
And the number came up as 3rd prize!!

Few days ago, The first prize was my house's no.
Excited about it, Bf's mum asked Bf to ring me up and ask if my family bought the numbers.
Sadly, No. But Auntie won!
She love buying my house's no :P