Friday, February 20, 2009

Remember your Promise

I don't know if I had show you this picture before but I went WOW when I chanced upon it.
Omg, how old do I look like? LOL.


Yay! Another cheque from Nuffnang!

Went out to celebrate Weisong's belated 20th.
& I had to meet Murphy to loan something for Bf's bro.
Holland Village for the SO CALLED GOOD FOOD (EWW) > Cabbed to Cineleisure.
I love EMAX session~ :D:D:D:D
We got him a crumpler bag for his new semester.
(Different from the one we got for Marc)

I am seriously looking forward for a new semester to start!
By then, It would be May soon!
Bf and me discussed about some thingy and he would only allow me to go for it at May.
No matter how hard I pleaded, he still insisted on May :(
Whatever, As long as I get to do it! :D

I wanted to get this next month but Bf says if I don't have certain amount in my bank,
then it would be cancelled!!!!!!

Retailing at 700-800, I think.

Hopefully the thought of May can curb my shopping talent. Hohoho.

PS: My nails are short now :( Otherwise Bf would go "You and Derek are equally scary".
Because Derek don't cut his nails, and I like my nails to be longlonglong :)

20th feb.
Yvonne's 21th.
Amir's 18th.

something which I have been dying to get.
But I guess,