Friday, February 06, 2009

When I say so

A total mixture of emotions.

Enjoyed myself thoroughly with B class today.
Settled ourselves comfortably at Plaza Sing's Sakae Sushi.
(The one which is nearer to the MRT station)
The conclusion is, I am definitely not going back for the second time.
Lousy service, yucky food, and long waiting time.

Most of the computers were out of orders so we had to wait for quite some time before someone is actually willing the serve the tables there.
After ordering, we had to wait for a VERY long time for our food to arrive.
The most disappointing part was that, the food sucks.
As compared to their other restaurants, its lousy. No, it is not nice at all.

Lack of sleep = Poor skin + Small eyes.

A little shopping today.
Lina and me had a great deal!! :D:D
I loveeeeeeeeeee it~
And JB got his beanie from Lacoste.

Bought my cookie from Subway and I went off to look for Hunny~


Yesterday Bf's mummy woke me up with her call at 1000hr~ :)
So glad she called, otherwise I wouldn't know what happened!!
Decided to go out for an hour to settle some stuffs with Coffee.
Fell asleep right after I reach home.
Went out for shopping with Ade in the evening.
She cheated me into buying her a Guess wallet. lol.
Got myself 2 blouses while she got a dress.

Lovely days.
Even though I slept for less than 6hours each day.
Sometimes, only 3hours....................