Sunday, March 15, 2009

The best in me

As the saying goes,
a picture speaks a thousand words.
So here I am, providing you with many many words.

Also, some smiles before I go on braces :D

As suggested by me,
We took the longer way to our destination.

And ended up fooling around in the bus.

I am almost done with this book!
I wanna get it's DVD/VCD if they ever release the movie~

The damn crowd.
It was my first visit to the IT fair, and I promise not to go back to any IT fair again.
Cheap, but the crowd is overbearing.
I would rather pay more for the item I want.

Went to Town to meet up with his parents for dindin.

But before that, we were craving for something sweet.

The big boy took these pictures.


The top 3 things in my list.


Basically, everything is about me. Even Love is not placed in the first position now. I used to feel that I lived to please others, so gradually, I tried to change. Now, I live for no one but myself and the result is that I spent lesser time with love & family.

In the past, I would meet up with HY for shopping session & not meeting up only after my work.

In the past, I would make time for BF, if he's out from camp, I would not work on the day just to accompany him.

In the past, we would go out with his family on Sats for lunch, dinner, kill time&spend time.

In the past, especially during my holidays, mostly, I would be spending time at home or BF's place only.

In the past, I would accompany my mum to the supermarket.

In the past, I would turn up for meet ups arranged by friends.

However, everything is not the same anymore. But I am proud to say that I don't suck up to other people/family/bf's family just to make my life easier, better and more lovable. I was merely being me.

Though there seemed to be a gap from the past and now,
I think I feel better with the current life.

At the same time, I think, I had lost myself. How Ironic?
Friends find it hard to understand me. How can they understand?
Because I can't even figure out what I am actually thinking.

Work = Money?
Money isn't everything to me.
I work because I feel stress-less over there & I gain a different sense of happiness.
When I work, I think lesser, I feel happier.

Too much work during this holiday. Neglected too many important stuffs.

In a simpler way of saying,
I am just escaping.
Flooding myself with work, lessons & appointments.

If you hadn't realise,
It is because I don't blog about anything related to work.