Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fictions of me

(24th March)

A small celebration on this coming Thurs.
I am like booked on every Thurs!
This, next and the following Thurs!
Very very soon, I'll be on braces. *gasp!*
(and stop telling me that I am wasting my money
since the dentists said that I don't need it.
It's my money that I am spending ANYWAY!)

Just take it as I want a "braces-face" then!
*Stuff your mouth with 10 gallons of feces*

Today was really really cold to the max.
Luckily I had my jacket with me for more than 10hours.
I want this kind of weather for the rest of my life~
oh, and erm, Mani and Pedicure done! :))

TSK! Don't mind the quality of the peektures.
How can such a brillant phone produce such lousy quality peeks!!

As you may have already notice,
I don't have an exactly exciting life so............... :)

& Was greeted by a box of Chew Junior for supper!

Soon, I am going to look very haggard.
Lessons are driving me crazy.
Ain't even sure why did I chose that timing.
When will it end?

You know I'm hoping you'll sing along,
though it's not your favourite song.