Friday, March 27, 2009

Good ol' days

My internet was down for 2 days!
Life was almost unbearable.

When I finally managed to go online,
My personal message was something about Starhub.
So one of my classmate who is a citizen of M country, msged me,

JW : Wah.
JW : Starhub!
Me : Yea.
Me : Maxonline.
JW : Who is Max?

Apparently, he thought that I was trying to say Max is online! LOLOL.
Told WeiSong about it and we had a good laugh.
Oh, but this classmate of mine doesn't live in SG, so yea.

The steamboat yesterday wasn't exactly successful or was it a failure,
but we had like the whole restaurant to ourselves which was quite satisfying.

Saw different toys which brought back alot of memories from young!
Bought some of them for fun.

One of the little toy

Alright, back to the main track.
So yea, the food was only average and overly priced.

Amni was the last idiot to reach. LOL~

Her head is my favourite.

(Click to enlarge; Save)

You can see one gap in my upper row of teeth! :(

Before the steamboat, I got this old-school casio watch.
Omg, It was cheap and very old-school!! I like~~~

& I take back my words!! I don't want a new phone already!
Bought the leather cover for it and I think it looks even cooler now.
Almost got ripped for it, but I guess, I am much wiser now when it comes to spending.

3 more weeks to school start.
2 more weeks to end everything. I HOPE.
Although the confidence is not there.
Praying doesn't really help, so I'll just put in more effort.