Friday, March 13, 2009

If this isn't love

Yesterday was Murphy's birthday.
We got him a hot red shimmery boxer and 6 condoms.
Johnboy picked the one with greater excitement. LOL.

The proud boy with his new pants.

We attempted a group photo but failed.

The poor lightings.

We watched Marley & Me.
Awesome show!!
It made us teared!
You can hear alot of sniffing sound towards the ending of the show.
It would have been a better movie if the dog didn't die.((FOR ME!!))
(I know that the show would not be a success,
If the dog did not die as they would failed to touch the heart of the audience.)
But I don't like sad endings.

& I am so reminded of Raven throughout.

Went for a drink after the show.

Split for dinner.
NYDC & Sakae.

Despite feeding myself 2 times Ajisen and 1 time Sakae within a week,
I still lost 1.5kg this holiday.
I didn't really realised it till Dad and friends told me I look skinner

But I suppose...
You can't tell much from pics.