Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Rascal

I reckon that, If my Rascal is able to express himself,
he would be telling me "Mummy, Can you stop dressing me like your toy!!!!"

As mentioned, he got stripped naked by my Dad few days ago,
so I went to get him some dog's clothes to dress him up.

All that that's left was just those little furs around his head.

Raven is a fan of Liverpool!
Though I don't even know anything about them except that it's soccer.

He got another blue jersy, which urm, I don't know which soccer team is that.

This was taken yesterday.
I was really on the phone.

No more butt-chin!!!!
You can only see it in some pictures but you can see it clearly when I laugh in reality.
It's like a w-shaped chin, except that the 2 points is not as sharp as w.
I hate my butt-chin so most of the time,
I would have difficulty smiling for the picture.

Thankfully, tmr's session was cancelled.
I cannot stand waking up at 5.30am anymore.
When the clock hits 4o'clock in the evening, I dropped dead without further delay.