Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spin around

(Coffee gave me this SP tee. LOL)

I want a new phone.
But, Hunny is complaining that I am changing phone too frequently.
Dad loves karaoke/sound systems, cars, Plasma/LCD Tvs.
Thus, I feel that it is generally fair that his daughter love gadgets.

I am using Laptop no.2 now.
It sucks to the max because the last time I on it was on the last day of sch,
Which is like more than 2months ago.
So now, there's like so many things to be updated and the worst thing is, IT LAGS!!
LAG-TOP indeed.

oh, Dad literally shaved Raven naked himself after they brought him to the beach.
We didn't send him to the palour this time round.
I screamed when I reached home and saw him walked pass me.

Fall out of your mind,
out of your fantasy.

Anyway, I have given up on people who don't care!
Cheeros to me! :D
Words meant nothing when actions are not taken. Duh!