Friday, March 13, 2009

What's with the plan?

Everything should be done by yesterday's appointment.
But due to the very tight schedule, It was delayed.

If you're guessing what is it,
Then I am telling you now.

I am going to be on BRACES for the next 1year or so.
Visited 2 different private dentist as they said that I don't need braces.
But the persistent me insisted to push the top row of teeth slightly in a little.
You may think that it is a waste of $4000, but I think that it is worth it.
You will have perfect set of teeth just for spending $4000!
& I might go for teeth whitening after braces which is another $1000 more.

Although Dad is strongly against it but he made no noise about me going for it.
So are boyfriend, good friends and etc etc.

I should be on braces by now.
But well, it is going to be few weeks later.

So, the first payment of $2000 will be afew weeks later too.
Shop shop chop chop!

IT fair is here!
I want to get my new digital camera!

Nope, I don't feel any heartache :)

Good luck baby for today!!