Saturday, April 04, 2009

But still...

No intake of solid food.
Low intake of liquid food.
The teeth are too sore to chew on anything.

I brush my teeth after every meal/drink.
So I brush a total of 5-6times per day which is like damn exaggerating.

I have alot of pictures that shows my braces.
But I prefer to show it out only later when I feel like it. HAHA!

Watched Hotel For Dogs on Wednesday.
Wasn't as nice as I had anticipated!
Marley and Me is soooooo much better.
Love the female lead,
love the dogs,
therefore, in conclusion, love the show still. LOL.

It was a last minute decision to go out on Friday with some peeps.
Movie(DMC) > Bowling
Detroit Metal City, which I feel was, TOTALLY CRAP!
Hilarious but at the same time, lousy story line.
Overall, the movie is quite cute. With credits to the way "L" run.

Bowling was fun but embarrassing.

WeiBin got 2 zeros too. :D:D:D
I managed to get the middle position, which was the third because all of them were as lousy as me. HAHAHA!
The final loser was none other than the player "D" by the name of LIM WEI MING,
who lost to WeiBin by 3points.

I find it hard to smile with braces!!
And they somehow made my cheeks look like they are stuffed with some food.

Many thanks to the dear boy who woke up at 0620hr just to send me over for my lesson.
& He is turning 22 veryvery soon :)