Friday, April 17, 2009

Extremely annoyed

I just came back from a movie marathon!
First, Jonas Brothers 3D concert movie,

I didn't quite enjoy the show as it wasn't really that 3D.
I bet any cartoons movie can do better than this.
Because there was no other shows that is suitable for my timing before watching 17 again,
We had to pay more for 3D and make do with this.
Luckily it is cheap, BUT, not worth the money.

Next, 17 again!

Zac Efron is such an eye candy!
Love his mesmerising eyes!!
The movie is hilarious and awesome!
Not because the lead of the movie is good looking,
but because of the funny scenes and touching words.

Unlike movies/shows,
The same thing won't happen again for the second time in reality,
so we can't only cherish and make no regrets.

Anyway, I stepped into a super big and classy salon yesterday.
Sat down, rebonded my hair and also trimmed the bottom part of the hair.
Very tempted to cut it away but I don't want hair that is not considered "LONG"
like neck/shoulder/ slightly below bra length.

Either it's short or lonnng.
Bf&friends likes it long, sooooooooo, I maintained the length.
Ade reckons that the length is way too long and that if new hair grows out,
it will be even LONGERRRR.

BAH! I'll just stay put with this hair for another 6mths and see how it goes.
Maybe I'll just perm or cut them, I don't know.

Jumping into bed early tonight.