Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy for nothing

Zadyn and my time table was amended.
So lesson starts at the same time with the rest except for 1 day.
:@ :@ :@

I was still so proud before thattttttttttttt. HAHAHA.
The good thing is that I don't have so many classes now!!
Just 2 different classes. (Inserts smiley face)

Dindin with Bf and family at Peony Jade(?), Clarke Quay.
Max&Marcel were there too.
Dear and me both agreed that this is the nicest restaurant that we had ate with his family so far.

It was a 8-course meal.
Extremely delicious food and excellent service.

I only took pictures of some of the dishes served because I don't want to look stupid.

I have very sensitive eyes and my eyes can't tolerate coloured contact lenses.
Tried afew brands few years ago but my eyes could take none of it.
Heard of a brand (which is new to me) from words of mouth, bought it, tried it, and liked it!!
I am so glad I went out yesterday~~~
Main reason is because the colours are not as scary as FreshLook's.
FreshLook make me look ghostly!

When we reached home,
This silly boy showed off his newly bought Tee shirts to me.

I think,
I put on a kg.

Only 1 person realised that I rebonded my hair -.-,

I have yet to get a new bag for the new semester.