Sunday, April 12, 2009

He's 1 year older


PS : I wanted to make it into a nice nice scrapbook entry with designs but I am currently down with flu :(

It was a very simple celebration as we planned nothing!
I took off specially for him as I always throw him at home on Sat(s).
Went to his house to play with M&M at 12 noon.

Till evening, his family planned steamboat session for him.
Great food but its a pity I don't know how to appreciate food like abalone & etc.

Removed all my make up after eating as I see many pimples growing on my forehead!!
DAMN! Pimples outbreak all of a sudden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& The only hairband which I can find in his house was the one with the shrek's ears!

Another round of small BBQ session with his bros at night.
Only the few of them as YQ didn't want to invite more.
Maybe, I would want a quiet birthday too this year despite being an important birthday.

The above marble cake was bought by the bros.
And the price tag was still there.
$3. LOL. JJ purposely took a bite before we went down.

After going up to Hunny's apartment,
they brought another cake into the house.

HAHAHAHA. Like seriously, damn idiotic but they bought this on purpose.

But we didn't cut that cake because his family prepared another cake for him from Crystal Jade.

The triangular Mocha cake.

It all ended earlier than I had expected so YQ sent me home first.
I need plenty of rest.
Thanks to the sleeping late and waking up early.
Dumb pimples!!

Sooooooooooooooo, TOODLES, It's late already!