Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi Biatch

Hi, no more scary green coloured bands around my brackets.
Picked an extremely light pink but it turned out white-ish.
So I'm like, on white now.

I am not that short cause I bent down alot.
I am not the shortest in the picture.

Huiyan's 21st celebration clashed with my Dad's.
Dad changed his timing so that I can make it for Huiyan's.
2 celebrations tomorrow.
2 gifts prepared.

But I am not happy.
I am not happy because of the module on Tues.
I mind alot about my grades, my gpa.
I swear, I loathe you and is disgusted by your reply.
Put yourself in my shoe.
It is you that's making me hate school.

In order to prevent misunderstandings,
the YOU that I am refering to is not a classmate from any class, nor my boyfriend.

Urgh, whatever.