Thursday, April 02, 2009

A metal affair


I am on braces now!
The boyfriend reckons that I look like a dracula
because I chose green bands for my teeth,
and because they look as if they are constantly glowing in the dark.

I was given alot of colours to choose from!
Didn't know that there are so many different colours.
Transparent, grey, white, dark/light blue/green/red/pink/purple/yellow etcetc.
I was spoilt for choices because I wanna try light blue and pink and and green too!

Metal braces are so cool.
To think that I even had the thought to go for ceramic braces before that.
The ceramic braces which is the so called "invisible" braces,
cracks easily and you can still see the line of the wires which will turns out weird.

Oh but whateverrrrrrrrrr.
Metal or Ceramic, I love braces :D

butbut, uglier pictures from now on. :(

K, I know I am being stupid.
I'll give you pictures later! :):)