Friday, April 10, 2009

No promises

I thought it was,
I was searching for it but it was nowhere in the bag.
Then, I felt something at the back pocket. Phew.

But I brought the cam out, without its memory card.
So not much peektures!!

Met up with the clique for a hot hot steamboat on a cold cold weather.
Everything was pleasant under the right atmosphere, good weather, delicious food and great people :)

But you know, I was supposed to meet them at a certain time,
butbut, I was too engrossed with my show that I forgot that I was going out.
So I rushed out in the clothes that I usually wear at home and very bad hair. LOL.
Who cares. So long as it is comfortable :D

And it is my first time seeing this!!

No, Not the icecreams!!

But the machine to catch icecreams!!

All these machines thingy sure are earning big moolahs.
These type of machines are everywhere and you can see young kids to adults(aunties) playing it.
It used to be only toys, sweets, bears, gadgets, but now, anything's possible.
&, it is not easy to catch any of them.

Sorry Khaliq!
I didn't know that it was your birthday 2days ago.
sorry sorry sorry.
I know you will chance upon this. HAHA~