Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothing else I can say


An 18year-old girl offered her nude pictures just for virtual items in Pet Society.

Pet Society?
I used to play it when I was bored in school.
But personally, I feel that the game is mainly for kids.
I played it when I was bored, not addiction (The same for restaurant city).
It is rather surprising and shocked to see that people can actually make use of such kids game to start competitions that actually leads to nudity.

How absurd can people get?!

Read more here.


Just reached home from shopping with the small girl, Janice! :D
She still accompanied me even though she was sick :/

The sole of my flats peeled off a little,
therefore, I went to get a new pair to begin my shopping.
Didn't want to walk around with the old pair,
so I asked the sales assistant to help me throw it away.

After all the buying and walking,
Janice suggested that we have LJS for lunch.
The first thing to do when I reach home was to run to the toilet to puke.
I was too full, I ate 1 and a half piece of chicken.
Because usually when I eat LJS,
there is always another person to finish up the other piece of chicken for me.

Though it was only a 2hour meet up but at least we managed to go home satisfied with our buys.