Wednesday, April 22, 2009

School is uncool

There is no school today and I thank lord for that.
Miserable life ever since school started.
Although I am only at the 2nd lesson of the semester,
it is enough to murder me.

The most unfair thing is that I gotta attend every Tuesday with all the 'seniors'.
(I was the only student in class to be seperated from my main class to join them)
I felt so inferior because I am short of 1year's knowledge but I need to work with them to fight for better grades.
Why me?
It is just so unfair to put me with them because of my GPA or whatever stupid reason.
Stupid elective, damn elective.
& I was only given 10mintues to do research and answer a 10marks essay question.

I was as quiet as a mute on Tuesday even though Izzat and Fyda was really friendly.
Izzat is very very good looking!! (giggles)
It was a partial-Lab lesson.
It should be fun, but it was not.
Going to the lab for another lesson next week.
Hair should be tied up, no skirts, pants should be long. :/

School is sooooooooooo not cool.
I pray for the remaining weeks to be interesting.

We are all struggling.
Even though I really really like Science, Biology, but
SAS, what the fuck?
DBMS, what the hell?

Something from SK jewellery.

Happy birthday WeiBin!!