Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twisted & Sick

Finalllllyyyyyyyyyyy, It's weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The weather is veryveryvery humid lately!

Badminton with The Boyfriend last evening.
The shuttleCOCK flew right onto my right eye hard.
Stupid boyfiend. He stood there laughing. :'(

Only left with eyebags and eyeliner after sports.

Boyfriend is bringing me out to shop tomorrow cause I need to get alot of stuffs.
Dad's birthday gift, Mother's Day prezzie(pending), Moon's birthday gift(pending)
I want to get a new school bag, and an estimation of 2tops and 3 bottoms.

The most troublesome thingy is that I need to visit Cineleisure's Fred Perry to get Murphy's school bag because he wants to use my membership for the 20% discount(this weekend) and he told me that I needed to be there. -.-

Busy day tomorrow.

My Aunt smsed me few hours ago, and all of a sudden, I feel so sad :(