Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekends love

Yesterday was a tiring day for boyfriend as he kept complaining about the weight of all the shopping bags and stuffs which on the other hand, means a happy day for me!

I woke up at 0830hr for some shows on SCV!
Dad drove me to boyfriend's place as I didn't subsribe the channels.
Cause no one will be home to watch tv at all :/

It was pouring badly on my way to Cineleisure and we were all wet.
One kind man came up to us and sheltered us with his umbrella.
We kept saying thanks to him as we would not know how wet we would be at the traffic junction.
He said "I believe kind deeds are not donations, but unselfish act of kindness".
Since kind soul :)

DAMN MURPHY, all for your stupid FP's bag.
The whole thing was bulkly, huge, and heavy!!!
I still had to bring it to school today just for you.

I am actually doing you a favor by allowing you to use my member thingy & help you save money,
but it seems like creating trouble for myself :/

Did not managed to bought 3 bottoms/2 tops/ school bag for myself :(
Only got 2 bottoms, a top and alot of MISC stuffs as we were rushing home.
Boyfriend paid for the 2 bottoms. (giggles)

Headed home for dindin with his family and andddd M&M family @ IMM.
Bought some cheap cheap MISC stuffs and me like!!!
Brought Marcel to Daiso, me love Daiso :D

After all the running in the rain >:(
Pictures is unfair, it don't show how bulky and big the whole bag is.
It is alot bigger than my body!

Lack of sleep = Eyebag :(

I hate school still.