Friday, May 22, 2009

2 new bags!

Just reached home from buying my bag!!

Due to technical issues, My test was postponed!!!!!!!

Coffee picked me up from sch,
sent me home to wash my face for 2mins,
then dropped me at Bf's.

Waited for 2hours for the clock to strike 6pm,
As his Dad is away to Batam for some work thingy,
He went to fetch his mum from work and off we head for our Japanese dindin~

Shopped around abit and home sweet home as I have to wake up really early tomorrow morninnnnnngggg.

Then, I received a sms.

So many people are turning 21!!!!
So many parties to attend!!
I only enjoy it when I feel like going, or when most of them are my friends.
Otherwise, looking at all the strangers makes me really irritated.
I would rather stay at home and sleep.

One reason, BECAUSE I CHOOSE MY FRIENDS, I am not exactly friendly or easy going.
I am extremely mean to strangers. I complain alot to my friends/boyf.
Ask them, they know it.

I missed Ambrose's 21st few months ago,
missed Juliette's 21st 2weeks ago,
All because of work :(
I really wanted to attend theirs, because Nursing was the best days.

There's one more coming up at the end of May - Nazreen's 21st.
2 or more in June I suppose.

Mummy asked what type of birthday do I want this year recently when my birthday is still half a year away.......